Ag/Timber Numbers Must Be Renewed Every Four Years

Ag/Timber Numbers Must Be Renewed Every Four Years
Current Registrations Expire December 31, 2019

By Corrie Bowen
County Extension Agent
Wharton County


Farmers, ranchers and timber producers can claim exemptions from some Texas taxes when purchasing certain items used exclusively to produce agricultural and timber products for sale.  But first, they have to obtain an Agricultural and Timber registration number.  Agricultural and Timber Registration Numbers (Ag/Timber Numbers) are issued by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.  This registration number must be renewed every four years, regardless of when those numbers were first issued. The current numbers expire Dec. 31, 2019.

To continue claiming the exemption on qualifying purchases on or after Jan. 1, 2020, agricultural and timber producers must renew their current Ag/Timber Number. The Texas Comptrollers Office began posting the renewal information on their website in early September, and letters will be sent to those who have Ag/Timber Numbers to explain the renewal process.  I’m writing this news article, because I received my renewal letter last week.  And, before my renewal letter got lost in the pile of mail on the kitchen counter, I went ahead and renewed my registration, today!

It was extremely easy to renew my Ag/Timber registration.  Back when these registration numbers were first issued in 2012, I was curious just how the Texas Comptroller was going to handle the renewal process, because I probably wasn’t going to be able to locate my account password four years later.  But that wasn’t the case.  When the first 4-year renewal came around (that was in 2015), I found it very easy to renew my registration, and that was no different when I renewed today.  There was no need to locate the password that I wrote down, somewhere, in 2012!  The Texas Comptroller offers three methods to renew:  Telephone, WebFile, and Mail.  I opted to call the toll-free number.  All I had to do was enter my 11-digit registration number, and I was done.  I’ll be watching for my new registration card to arrive in the mailbox.

To learn more about the Texas Comptroller’s Ag/Timber registration renewal, go to

At this site you’ll also find a list of the items that are exempt from sales tax when used exclusively on a farm or ranch to produce agricultural products for sale and purchased by a person with a current Ag/Timber Number.  This site also has the information on how to apply for an Ag/Timber registration for the first time.


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