Please respond with Estimates of Damages from the February 14-20, 2021 Winter Storm in Wharton County

To:  Wharton County Farmers and Ranchers

RE:  Estimates of Damages from the  February 14-20, 2021 Winter Storm in Wharton County

I hope that all of you are recovering from the recent winter storm.  The recent winter storm has caused many hardships for a lot of people across our state and especially in the Southeast Region where we are not used to such harsh and prolonged winter temperatures.  I have been asked by the State of Texas to collect information related to estimated ag losses in your Wharton County.  Additionally, please let me know of specific issues or needs that I should be passed along.

Please find attached a fillable pdf form to report this information associated with the winter storm.  Please fill in the form to the best of your ability with an estimate of your damages/losses and return it to me by 12:00 p.m. tomorrow,   Monday, February 22nd.  You can also just reply with an email with your loss estimates, without having to download the entire form.   I will then use all answers to estimate an average across of losses across the county.  Each County is being asked to report losses.  Please send me only your losses for Wharton County.  Thank You.

Agriculture-Response-Assessment- Winter Storm February 2021


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