Fostering Strong Families

The Family and Community Health component of the Cooperative Extension Program recognizes that strong families are important to a prosperous and productive society. The family is the major provider of joy, security, values and goals. The Extension staff works to plan and deliver research-based family focused programs in health and well being, parenting, life skills and nutrition to underserved clientele, but, not excluding other audiences, that will serve as a catalyst to improve the quality of living.

As the population continues to grow and diversify, our quality of life increasingly depends on understanding the impact of human behavior.  Individuals who are raised in an environment, in which they learn to make informed decisions, manage their basic needs, and tackle pressing human and societal challenges emerge equipped to lead happier and healthier lives.  A range of health and socioeconomic factors can affect family stability and strength.  This program provides educational and technical information to limited resource families to strengthen family systems.

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