Heroes 4 Health

The Heroes 4 Health program is funded by the Walmart Foundation grant. The goal is to empower youth to positively impact their community through educational programs that raise awareness of everyday healthy living practices in nutrition and physical activity. The PVAMU CEP Wharton County Family and Consumer Sciences unit is under the direction of Extension Agent, Kashara Bell.


El Campo and Louise Library Summer Programming
Location: Wharton County Library in El Campo and Louise
TX Drugs and Alcohol with our special guest from The El Campo Police Department and Wharton County Police Department: Officer Mark Biskup, Officer Beemer, and Officer Bill Holt

During our first week of Heroes 4 Health we were honored to haveĀ  3 guest speakers. The audience was really excited to see Officer Beemer (the K9 police dog)! Both officers gave a well received presentation about the risks and affects of indulging in drugs and alcohol. Even though Wharton County is a tight knit community, drug awareness is an important factor here. Officer Beemer gave us a show! He is very intelligent and trained to detect illegal substances. Every participant left with a drug free coloring page, sticker, pencil, and drug free pledge. Again, thank you officers!


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