Child Passenger Safety

Child safety seat checkups routinely discover that four out of five children are not properly restrained in appropriate child safety seats or safety belt systems.  Securing your children properly in age-appropriate and size-appropriate child safety seats – in the back seat of your vehicle – is the most effective thing you can do to protect them in the event of a crash.  Numerous compatibility problems between child safety seats and motor vehicles exist.  Saving lives and reducing injuries to children in motor vehicle crashes is the primary goal and child passenger safety technicians.  Learn the best way to install your child safety seat in your vehicle for your child.

As a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, participants will be provided with the knowledge to

  • Properly select a car seat
  • Confidently install and reinstall car seats and booster seats.

Parents and care givers are encouraged to have child safety seat inspections at least annually to be sure their children are riding safely in vehicles.

To schedule your child safety seat checkup, please contact the Wharton County Extension Office at 979-532-3310 to schedule an appointment.  Participants are asked to bring their child with the seat they are currently using and know their child’s weight to ensure a perfect fit.

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