Financial Literacy Programs

From the Classroom to the Real World

Do students or youth in your programs need assistance with financial literacy? Would you like to utilize a fun, educational curriculum to teach young people about careers and money management? Welcome to the Real World! is designed to help junior high and senior high youth learn more about life on their own after high school.

The Welcome to the Real World! program consists of two parts: financial education and a real-world expenditure decision-making opportunity. The Welcome the Real World! programĀ  gives young people the chance to explore career opportunities, make lifestyle and budget choices similar to those that adults face on a daily basis, and experience real-world expenditure decision-making simulation.

The program is an active, hands-on experience in which participants are to assume that they have completed basic educational requirements for their chosen career and are single, 25 years of age, and independent with no financial support from family or others. After they choose an occupation, they receive a monthly salary for that occupation and then proceed through the Welcome to the Real World! activity, deducting taxes, determining a savings amount, repaying student loans, and spending their “salary” on the necessary and extra items that reflect the occupation and lifestyle they have chosen. The purpose of the simulation is to give an idea of what they will be facing in the near future and to help motivate them to start now making sound realistic decisions about their futures.

This program is at no cost. Please contact the Wharton County Extension Office for more information at 979-532-3310.



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