Master of Memory

Studies show that 80 percent of older adults complain about memory problems, but only 15 percent report them to their health professional. People of all ages complain about forgetting, but older people tend to worry more about forgetting, but older people tend to worry more about forgetting and memory loss. Regardless of age, memory losses are increased by factors such as inattention, anxiety or depression. Living alone, stress, illness, adapting to the loss of relationships, and the negative stereotypes of society all may affect the older person and their memory.

Master of Memory encourages participants to recognize they can impact their memory function, evaluate their own memory function, identify factors that may enhance or detract from their memory function, and find ways that may help address some of those factors.

Prairie View A&M University Cooperative Extension Program offers this six-lesson series, which includes presentations on memory and learning, memory strategies, nutrition, medications, medical conditions, and exercise for the body and mind. For more information contact Agent Kashara Bell at 979-532-3310 or

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